Have you hanged light colored curtains in your Home? Tips to clean them…

You all know that when there is installation of light colored curtains in your home then it provides a stylish addition in your home. They provide a classy and elegance look to your living area and it is looking there is something really special. But the major disadvantage of light colored carpet is that they have to need bit extra care then darker colored curtains because when this type of curtains are captured with dirty hands or even drops of water then these stains should be visible and these stains are also harm the attractiveness of your curtains. If you want to overcome this problem then you have to provide regular cleaning of your curtains. But when you ignore these stains then they tend to absorb smells from around the home such as kitchen smell and cigarette smoke, which can leave the curtains smelling less than fresh and cause slight discoloration. So these types of stains are more noticeable on light-colored or delicate curtains. If your curtains are trapped with lot of debris and dust then you have to remove this by dusting or vacuuming them every week as part of your general household cleaning. But when you start to clean your curtains then before starting you have to check the label which is on the back of your curtains first and when they are dry cleaned only then you might be best taking them to a reputed professional cleaning services. Oops Cleaning provides same day reasonable services on Curtain Cleaning Brisbane


Best cleaning methods to clean your Curtains:-

  • You have use washing machine method when your curtain label allows you. In this method you have to fill your machine with cold water and add the appropriate amount of detergent in it. After that you have to choose a delicate cycle and wash on a slower spin cycle. When the cycle is completed then you have to punctually remove the curtains because when there is extended contact to the moisture in the washing machine could cause mildew to form.

  • You have also use hand wash method which is best method than machine washing them, and it is more preferable method to clean your curtains. It is also a good choice for flimsy materials. So it is the best method to use a large sink so you do not have to wash the curtains in risk missing an area. You have also careful to avoid hire the fabric become water logged and consult the washing label for advice on the water temperature to use.

At last we have suggested that you have to provide deep cleaning of your curtains about twice in a year, but you may need to clean them more often if your home is prone to dust or odors. You can help keep them looking better for longer by going over them once a week. As you know that your curtains are very inexpensive and easily replaceable so you have to be careful about where you take them to be cleaned.


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