Which Is Best Dry Or Wet Carpet Cleaning

This article is a comparison between the Dry Carpet Cleaning & the Wet Carpet Cleaning method. This is because most of the clients like you have a dilemma in their mind whether to choose dry or wet carpet cleaning method. Let’s this article help you to come out from your mental dilemma situation.

A Professional Carpet Cleaner Sydney can only demonstrate which one is the better cleaning option and can describe the pros & cons of each cleaning method. But, in some cases, the clients forced to do the dry cleaning due to low price over deep dust & dirty carpet, as a result, they wouldn’t get the desired result.

Let’s Start the Debate on Dry Carpet Cleaning & Steam or Wet Carpet Cleaning:

  • Steam Carpet Cleaning requires hot water, shampoo or liquid detergent, high power jet machine to pump pressurized hot water, vacuum cleaner etc. Whereas dry carpet cleaning needs dry cleaning powder, powder sprinkle machine & vacuum cleaner.
  • In Steam carpets cleaning you have to wait for 24 hours to use the carpet floor whereas you can use the carpet floor instantly after a dry carpet cleaning.
  • In Dry Carpet Cleaning, no deep dirty materials can be pulled out whereas in steam carpet cleaning the deep cleaning of the carpet can be possible. The deep cleaning of carpet requires two to three stage of steam cleaning as after a few days of first steam cleaning the grounded dirty materials are reappeared again on the carpet surface. Deep stains are required 2-3 sessions of Steam Carpet Cleaning for effective result.
  • In the dry cleaning method, the chemical powder may produce some bad smell inside the room which was absent in case of liquid cleaning.
  • There is no time required to dry the carpet in case of the Dry Carpet Cleaning whereas steam or liquid cleaning required a healthy amount of time for the purpose. And in between the carpet should leave unused for best cleaning result.
  • Dry cleaning can be done at home but steam cleaning cannot possible without professional. The hot water steam actually cleans the carpet when it applied with pressure with the machine. Unless steam cleaning cannot be effective.
  • Neither dry cleaning nor steam cleaning is a chemical-free process. Both are involved in heavy chemical treatment to clean your carpet. The chemical powder used in dry cleaning may cause asthma & other dust related allergies for many people. And in steam cleaning the chemicals also affecting your health as well as the living environment.
  • No home cleaner company clean your house safely without chemical except Oops Cleaning. This is because only vacuum cleaning is the chemical-free cleaning process and our cleaning experts effectively clean your carpet with a vacuum cleaner without using chemicals.

The price difference is not so high in between the dry cleaning and the hot water extraction or steam cleaning. So it is advisable to use a perfect cleaning method for an effective cleaning solution.

Hire The Professional Assistance For Carpet Cleaning

We at Oops Cleaning ensure that quality Carpet Cleaning Brisbane is provided to our customer so that they can rest assured about the health of their loved ones. Carpet cleaning can be availed on a short notice of a couple of hours, in addition to being customized at the time of your availability so that you are not worried about missing on the cleaning of your favorite room carpet.


How To Avoid Commercial Carpet Care Mistakes?

Many times, with the idea of cleaning and maintaining the carpets, people tend to do mistakes because of which the situation would become worse than before. It is essential to know the methods and tricks to clean the carpets, but then it is equally important to know the mistakes that should not be done while cleaning the carpets. To avoid Carpet Repairs Melbourne and to maintain their quality it is essential to know the things that you should not do.

Most Common Mistakes:

  1. Sometimes the carpets may look neat and attractive, but it does not mean that you can skip cleaning.
  2. Though the carpet looks neat and attractive, cleaning the carpet is very important.
  3. When you are indulged in a cleaning process, it is not advisable to over pour the cleaning solution on the carpet.
  4. To remove the stains and odor, cleaning solution should not be poured in large quantity on the carpet.
  5. If the carpet is over wet, it will cause further problems rather than solving the existing ones. So, never over pour the cleaning solution on the carpet.
  6. If you are scared of using a liquid cleaning agent, then you can dip a clean cloth in the solution and start cleaning the stains.

Overusing The Chemicals:

  • While cleaning the carpet, it is vital to know what kind of cleaning solution will suit the carpet type of yours.
  • Using wrong chemicals can damage the carpet to a high level.
  • It is not advisable to overuse the chemicals also while cleaning. Chemical cleaning agents can be used on the carpet, but not every day.
  • To avoid this kind of problem, you can do a patch test on the carpets. You can check a small portion of the carpet with the chemical solution that you want to use.
  • Let it dry for a few minutes and then clean it. Check whether there is any sort of damage caused because of that cleaning solution.
  • If that is suitable, then you can continue using it and if not try not using it anymore.

Ways To Avoid Those Mistakes:

  • Find the right way of cleaning the carpet type of yours. Do not blindly follow the cleaning methods of other carpets. Each carpet will differ by quality and fabric, so it is advisable to know the carpet first and then start cleaning it.
  • Torn Carpet Repair, Carpet Burn Repair should be taken up as early as possible. The more you ignore the damages, the hectic would be the cleaning job.
  • Consult the manufacturer of carpet if required and gain knowledge about the carpet cleaning methods from them.
  • If you are hiring the Professional Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, try to discuss your carpet with them.
  • Since they are experienced and will have proper knowledge on what type of cleaning agents to use and how to clean, try acquiring knowledge from them on those points.
  • Never skip the cleaning process of the carpet by looking at their appearance. Carpet can be maintained in a proper way only when it is being cleaned properly.

Advantages of Green Carpet Cleaning

Carpets Installation and maintaining the carpets are amazing and pretty good at the beginning stage when it is exposed to dirt, dust, debris, pet hair or dander, spills and stains etc it will start losing its shine and quality slowly.  When the dirt and debris settle on the carpet and you are less worried about cleaning them, it will result in the caked grime on the Carpet Cleaning. In the case, the carpets are entirely spoiled. The appearance and quality of the carpet will start decreasing and you will start smelling the odor from the carpet. Carpets should be maintained properly to maximize its quality, life, and appearance.

However, when you start cleaning the carpet the first thing that knocks your mind is the carpet cleaning products. What type of products you are going to use and how it will affect your carpet as well as your health. Be sure to check the ingredients of the cleaners twice or thrice before you choose it to use. Most of the commercial cleaners are filled with harmful chemicals that can affect the carpet as well as your health. Many of the traditional carpet cleaning company professionals use the chemical filled carpet cleaning products. This will result in spoiling both carpet fabric and creates harmful health hazards for you and your family. It is always best to follow the Oops Cleaning that offers fresh and clean carpets. When you are following the green carpet cleaning method you are completely free from the harmful chemicals and reduce the Carpet Repairs Brisbane as far as possible.

Here are The Top 3 Advantages of using the Green Carpet Cleaning:

  • Less Air Pollution

The traditional carpet cleaning products are not up to the marks because they are manufactured without following the environmental wellness rule. When you good to you open the bottle you can feel the irritating and strong odor from the bottle, the odor comes from the strong chemical and this is not good for you and your environment. When these chemicals mix up with the air around your surroundings the toxic chemicals will dribble into the water supply pipes. This, in turn, will cause severe health issues as well as to the environmental issues. The green carpet cleaning products are manufactured using non-toxic biodegradable materials under the environment well rules. These products are very gentle and cause no harm to your health and the environment.

  • Protects your Family Health

The chemical carpet cleaning products definitely put your health at risk. The fumes released from the products will cause major health issues and particularly these fumes are harmful to the children and pets. These chemical cleaning products are very dangerous to people who have respiratory problems. Some of the common issues of using chemical cleaning products are:

  1. Coughing
  2. Congestion
  3. Headaches
  4. Nausea
  5. Sneezing
  6. Eye, lung and nose irritation
  7. Migraines
  8. Asthma Attacks
  9. Fatigue

  • Lessen The Quantity of Water Waste

This is really a great advantage because the green carpet cleaning requires an only fewer quantity of water compared to the traditional carpet cleaners. When you use more water during the Carpet Water Extraction process, it will boost the harmful chemical residue to pass into the water supply and thus it will corrupt the other communities. The drying process is very fast when you follow the green carpet method of cleaning compared to the traditional cleaners. This will minimize the growth of mold or mildew on the carpet.  The Best Carpet Cleaning Brisbane method also protects the fiber quality of the carpet as it very gentle and creates no harm to the carpet fiber.

Different Carpet Cleaning Methods Used By Professionals cleaning services

Rugs are a standout amongst the most well known ground surface alternatives that are accessible in the market today. Everyone concedes that an alluring, spotless and exquisite cover will go far in upgrading stylistic layout in your home.

Cover cleaning is favored above other deck alternatives mostly as a result of their stylish esteem. Also, they arrive in an assortment of hues and textures that can suit any home. The rugs gather earth and tidy which is a potential risk to your family.


In any case, this danger can be limited by guaranteeing that you do cover cleaning incidentally in your home. Cleaning the cover and as yet keeping up its quality can be a hard however when the correct strategy for Oops Carpet Cleaning Brisbane is utilized, it is achievable.

It is fitting to utilize experts to clean your cover. This is on account of they comprehend the techniques and items to utilize in order to guarantee that your cover does not get harmed all the while.

There are distinctive strategies for cleaning that are utilized as a part of the market today. It is vital while enlisting these administrations to comprehend the technique that the organization will utilize. You should tidy and vacuum your floor coverings day by day to keep them from collecting excessively soil and clean.

It will likewise lessen the time and vitality required to clean your cover when you contract intensive cleaning from experts.

The upside of utilizing experts is that they will make this procedure straightforward on the grounds that they have the fundamental hardware and labor. Experts will guarantee that all the concealed soil is cleaned from your cover.

Steam carpet cleaning strategy is a standout amongst the most prevalent strategies for cleaning that is utilized by experts. As the name proposes, steam is utilized to do the cleaning.


This strategy is proper for cleaning extreme stains that have gathered over a drawn out stretch of time. Here, boiling water is warmed to around 150-200 Fahrenheit and blended with a cleaning specialist that is spurted onto the cover under high weight.

The stem relaxes the earth and the cleaning operator disposes of it. It is imperative to take note of that there are organizations that only manage this sort of cleaning.

You can enlist them to guarantee that you get the mastery that you have to influence your cover to look clean. This strategy can be over the top. It is critical to search for an organization that will offer you reasonable costs for it.

The other cover cleaning strategy that is effective and simple to utilize is the cover cleanser technique. This is principally utilized for little floor coverings and rugs that are not huge in measure. As the name recommends, here a cleanser is utilized to clean the earth on the cover.

A cleanser is spread on the cover and a brush used to make froth. This froth is the thing that releases the earth particles in the rugs. You can sit tight for the cover to dry or utilize a vacuum cleaner to evacuate the gathered soil that has been relaxed by the froth.

This technique is simple and can be effortlessly done at home without the help of experts yet you require direction on the items to utilize. Call Oops Cleaning Services offers best carpet cleaning services across at the affordable prices with the best quality.

Importance of curtains

Whether it is a home, a workplace, a construction place, a space with windows or direct daylight, the curtains are taken into consideration a drastically crucial part of protecting windows.

With latest times, today human beings are more aware and concerned about their home, or their very own space comforts and also looks. Human beings normally make changes to their home or areas so as it lets them admire the beauty, the environment, and additionally being extraordinary from others.


These are only some of the reasons cheap curtain cleaning Brisbane. Thus, we can all agree that the looks are not the only thing that matters.
Here are just the three reasons of why curtains are vital:

1. Privacy: this is one of the major advantage and challenge for people who need to put in curtains in their room. As all of us recognize dwelling space and places may be pretty near or facing to the windows, overlooking streets, dwelling in a city area, the view is there to the public whether or not we want or they want to look it or not.

The installation of the curtains helps the outsiders not to peek inside our room as many of us don’t like to be disturbed in our personal space.

 Direct sunlight & maintaining a home Cool; as all of us know making your own home/space cool in summer is hard particularly through the day because of the real horrific heat waves and humidity.


During such situations, the increased use how to clean curtains at home of fanatics and air conditioning drives up the electric bills, sometimes very high. Hence, curtains can hold the heat from directly coming into your rooms, which allows cooling your surroundings.

Direct sunlight is not always good as it can damage your properties and also cause discomfort. The properties like carpeting, wooding, and leather which shouldn’t be directly exposed to sunlight for too long may be damaged if there are no curtains.

2. Protection; curtains also plays an important role in one’s security. Lots of us failed to think that curtains are not only for the attention, beauty and appealing to the outside and indoors of your home layout although this is one of the focal points of getting curtains as stated at the beginning.


Many fail to think the feeling or the many safety measures that safety curtains can deliver for your very personal property. Yes, it may sound stupid and a bit silly that curtains can provide any shape of safety.

But think it properly, with the latest cases of peeping, with such fabric placing on your home windows avoids the intruders and strangers from visually analyzing the interior of your property.

This one of the handiest precaution to take and the importance of curtains, stopping humans to peep into non-public lives for information to their benefit.

Professional Curtain Cleaning companies now do provide electric-powered curtains and those have become very popular. It provides protection as it offers an illusion of having someone inside whilst there is no one.


Benefіts Of Cаrryіng Out Regulаr Cаrpet Cleаnіng

carpetcleaningservices2Cаrryіng out regulаr cаrpet cleаnіng іs crucіаl for mаny reаsons.  Cleаnіng іnvolves the removаl of embedded dіrt аnd stаіns. Professіonаls normаlly use portаble steаm cleаners аnd truck-mounted mаchіnes wіth extrа suctіon.

Elіmіnаtіon of dust elіmіnаtes the chаnce of sensіtіvіtіes thаt your fаmіly аnd you mаy fаce.  Cаrpets cаn breed dust mіtes іf they аre not cleаned on а regulаr bаsіs. Pros cаn аpply pests to be kіlled by Cаrpet Cleаnіng chemіcаls.  You should іnsіst on hіrіng professіonаls usіng cleаnіng solutіons.

By cаrryіng out vаcuumіng cаrpet cleаnіng mаy іnvolve removаl of dіrt, dust, hаіr аnd other contаmіnаnts thаt аre dry.  Thіs wіll help to іmprove the аіr quаlіty of your home. However, surfаce dіrt аnd dust аre removed by cаrryіng vаcuumіng out.  To remove consіderаble аmounts of dіrt thаt become entrenched іn the fіbers of your cаrpet, you need to cleаn the cаrpet.

Image result for carpet cleaning service

Cleаnіng your cаrpet regulаrly ensures your cаrpet retаіns іts orіgіnаl beаuty аnd quаlіty.  Your cаrpet wіll look аs fresh аs ever when you hаve іt cleаned. Also, you mаy succeed іn prolongіng the lіfe of the cаrpet.  Thіs іs becаuse dіrt аnd dust tend to cаuse the fіber to weаr out fаster thаn they normаlly do. Your cаrpet wіll look аnd feel fresh аnd cleаn.  Cleаnіng consequently cаn boost your stаndіng. If people see how cleаn your house іs аnd vіsіt your house, theіr respect for you mаy іncreаse. A dіrty cаrpet, on the other hаnd, іs а recіpe for dіsаster becаuse people wіll not wаnt to vіsіt wіth you.

When you tаke your cаrpet to professіonаls for routіne cleаnіng, you hаve the chаnce to fortіfy your cаrpet.  Thіs іs becаuse the cleаners cаn employ cleаnіng аgents to protect the fіbers from spіlls, stаіns аnd weаr аnd teаr.

Regulаrly cleаnіng your cаrpet ensures thаt іt keeps а cleаn аnd fresh odor.  When you’ve got а cleаn cаrpet on the floor, your house wіll smell fresh. You’ll hаve the аbіlіty to wаrd off unheаlthy scents whіch cаn cаuse аіlments.  Heаlth condіtіons such аs аsthmа cаn аrіse when the аіr thаt you іnhаle іs dіrty.

Cаrryіng out cleаnіng thoroughly mаkes good busіness sense іf you use the cаrpet on your busіness premіses.  The hіgh trаffіc cаn cаuse the cаrpet to be dіrty. Your clіents wіll consіder you іf you mаіntаіn cleаn cаrpets.  If you mаіntаіn cleаn premіses, you wіll creаte а greаt іmаge for your busіness.

Cleаnіng your cаrpet regulаrly cаn be а chаllengіng tаsk.  The аvаіlаbіlіty of professіonаls іs а fаntаstіc thіng. You cаn concentrаte on doіng other tаsks such аs runnіng а busіness whіle cаrpet cleаners thаt аre professіonаl deаl wіth the cleаnlіness of your cаrpet.  The returns wіll be good аlthough you wіll only be requіred to pаy а fee Local Carpet Cleaning Brisbanetherefore, cаn be consіdered а kіnd of іnvestment. You should mаke sure thаt the cleаnіng іs done up to the expected hіgh stаndаrds. 

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We Steam Clean All Kind of Cleaning Services in Brisbane

From a one off spring clean to a regular daily clean, Oops Cleaning Services offer a bespoke service at competitive prices. We pride ourselves on flexibility and always friendly, professional service. Oops Cleaning are keen to do our bit on reducing the impact on the environment and so we’re proud to say that all of our cleaning products are environmentally friendly. Not only are they better for the environment, and are great at cleaning but they smell fabulous too!

Carpet Cleaning

Oops are a completely Customer friendly cleaning company, offering Cheap Carpet Cleaning Brisbane to both domestic and commercial clients. We pride ourselves on client satisfaction and extremely high standards and friendly and professional services. We provide a full range of professional cleaning services to quality-minded customers, so you could have the convenience of complete service in one visit. We offer general and deep, regular and one off cleaning, steam and dry carpet cleaning, as well thorough end of tenancy cleaning. You should expect tidy rooms, sanitized bathrooms, sparkling kitchen, and dustless surfaces.


We are also very proud to offer environmentally friendly cleaning services.  All of the products we use are eco friendly.  There is never any compromise on the quality of cleaning, they’re much better for the environment, and being natural they smell fabulous too! We will give you a no obligation FREE personal quote for your cleaning needs – just simply give us a call on 1300 513 369 and Book an Oops Cleaning we will visit you to talk through your requirements.